Do these Air Puffing Exercises for the shape of round cheeks. The beautiful face of girls is the center of attraction of boys. Round cheeks cause attraction, but at times it is also possible that the glumly cheeks are visible. To bring cheeks into shape, you can exercise only at home.

Do these Air Puffing Exercises for the shape of round cheeks

Best Exercise for Spherical Cheeks:

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1. check bone Role Exercise:

Check Boole Roll Exercise is very effective for removing the excess of the cheeks. To do this, put three fingers of your hand on the face, put the thumb on the left cheek, put the index finger on the nose and place the middle finger on the right cheek. Now press the fingers and move the fingers to cheeks for 60 seconds. Keep the finger of the nose normal.

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2. Air Puffing Exercise:

india virals

This increases the brightness of the face and blood circulation is fine in the cheeks. The second exercise is Air Puffing Exercise, to do this, fill the lips in the mouth in front of the lips. After this, 10 seconds remained stable. Move air pressure to the left side of the cheeks. Stabilize for 10 seconds. Do it with the left cheek. Repeat this exercise for 10 to 20 times.

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