Research: The air traveler must read this news, until 2050. The time ahead can be scary for the passengers. Twenty-one shocks in passengers flying in the sky can be tripled by 2050, and this may be due to climate change. Scientists researching Clamat’s Changes on the impact of aircraft have warned on Wednesday.

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Research: The air traveler must read this news, until 2050. – India Virals |

The scientists said that the shock of the flying aircraft increases the apprehensions of passengers and crew members injured. This is the first warning of scientists.
According to the Global Projection of In Flight Bumpiness, air travel will be very challenging in the coming times.

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This research has been conducted under the leadership of the University of Reading that with the help of super computers, monsoon has been assessed in the future. In this assessment, it has been learned that air travel will be a more risky task at the time of coming.

In research, scientists have estimated that the increased risk of air travel will be due to the continuous increase in global temperature. Scientists believe that due to the increase in temperature, there is instability in the air. This instability of the air creates air pockets in aircraft, causing the aircraft to waist. But if the situation of wagering is high, then travel can be dangerous.

This research has been published in Geographical Research Letters. Researchers calculated the latest estimate, which found that air travel could be difficult by 2050 and 2080. In the coming time, there are so many shocks in the plane that the passengers sitting in the plane can roll over from there and their belongings can be scattered throughout the plane.

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