Mumbai: Akshay Kumar is to be sure the man existing apart from everything else in the film business. Not at all like the Khans, Akshay has an altogether different sort of fan taking after and the majority of his movies either display patriotism or highlight the significance of social changes. What’s more, if the most recent buzz is anything to pass by, at that point Akshay Kumar may play Prime Minister Narendra Modi on screen. As indicated by a report, the Khiladi genius may exposition the part of the PM in a film.

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“I can’t consider anybody better to play our Prime Minster than Akshay Kumar. He has a spotless picture of a romantic and visionary. Furthermore, take a gander at the sort of work he’s doing. ‘Latrine: Ek Prem Katha’ and “Padman” are the silver screen of social change that Guru Dutt and V Shantaram were related with. Likewise, Akshay Kumar has ascended from humble common laborers beginnings to wind up noticeably a national star, much the same as Modiji. We are absolutely taking a gander at a solid plausibility of Akshay Kumar playing Modiji,” the report cited Central Board of Film Certification’s executive Pahlaj Nihlani as saying.

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BJP’s Shatrughan Sinha too opines the same. “Akshay is the Mr Clean of India. His picture runs well with the picture of the New Shining India,” he said. Prior, performing artists, for example, Paresh Rawal and Anupam Kher were allegedly being considered to play PM in a film. Be that as it may, Akshay’s fame is by all accounts one of the many motivations to be picked (as and when it happens) for the part of the BJP pioneer. Strikingly, Akshay’s up and coming film – Toilet: Ek Prem Katha – is enlivened by the PM’s pet venture – Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. In addition, Akshay’s drive – Bharat Ke Veer – a stage that encourages monetary help to the groups of saints was propelled by Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh as of late. So in all probabilities, if a film on PM Modi is made, Akshay appears to be the well known decision.

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