Alcohol worth Rs 15 Crore capture in Dry Gujarat. An aggregate of 555 flying squads, working with the Narcotics Control Bureau, region organization and the Gujarat Chief Electoral Officer (CEO’s) office, have seized alcohol worth Rs 15 crore in the survey bound ‘dry’ Gujarat, police said on Wednesday.

Alcohol worth Rs 15 Crore capture in ‘Dry’ Gujarat

They appropriated Rs 35 crore worth of merchandise for infringement of the denial law in the state.

The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO’s) office has deputed hostile to opiates groups in each of the 182 voting demographics of the state.

The nodal officer for the police sending design, Additional Directorate General of Police (ADGP) Mohan Jha stated: “Since the date of declaration of the gathering surveys, the organization has seized Rs 14.71 crore worth of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) and Rs 21 lakh worth of nation alcohol.


“In addition, it additionally seized Rs 20.48 crore worth of different products, similar to vehicles utilized for transportation of alcohol. The aggregate estimation of seizures made for infringement of the denial law successful in the state works out to Rs 35.41 crore. The police have recorded 22,043 cases and captured 17,886 people till now.”

Likewise, the cop said of the 56,439 authorized arms in the state, 50,589 have been stored with the police. Likewise, 53 unlawful arms, 102 cartridges and Rs 1.65 crore unaccounted trade was seized out the attacks.

The term of the present state get together closures on January 22, 2018. The primary period of decisions will be hung on December 9 of every 89 bodies electorate and 93 voting public will go to surveys on December 14 in the second and last period of surveys.

Alcohol worth Rs 15 Crore capture in Dry Gujarat – India Virals

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