New Delhi: Hidden Aliens in this Jungle, Police Released Photos. Now you have read and heard many news about aliens. But today you are telling a news related to aliens who will be surprised to know. In Argentina there was such a conclusion with the police that their senses were frozen. In a forest attached to Argentina, police got some strange things to know. When the police started scrutiny here, they realized something strange in the forest.

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Hidden Aliens in this Jungle, Police Released Photos

At that time a policeman had turned his camera on, that was when he got a strange look from his face. According to a police officer, as soon as they reached between dense jungle, they saw a shadow that seemed completely aliens. The policemen who came to the patrol were also scared.

Some children living near the park have claimed to see this thing before this incident. The children told that they saw this thing in the forest and ran away fearing. After this, the police started the search operation here and the police also believed that it was not a human. After the incident, the UFO researcher Melkos Robinson said that the time has come that we have to rely on these things. I myself believe that these things often come to Earth and this is proof of it.

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