Amazon is selling Donald Trump face toilet paper. American President Donald Trump has no shortage of junkies in the world. Some people are making fun by taking out their old videos and some of them through their old tweets.

Amazon is selling Donald Trump face toilet paper – India Virals |

In fact, there is a lot of people who hate Trump in America. Therefore, these people are very excited about any thing that triggers the joke of Trump.

Now Amazon, one of the world’s largest ecommerce websites, has been tempted to redeem this hatred. That’s why he started selling some products on his website through which much of the Donald Trump can be joking. Indeed, Amazon has started selling rolls of toilet paper on its website, on which the face of Donald Trump has been printed.

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Apart from this, toilet paper is also being sold which have some famous trump related tweets written. Both types of toilet paper are selling Amazon. Trump’s tweets toilet paper cost $ 11.99 while their face toilet paper is being sold for $ 12.95. Apart from this, Amazon is not taking any shipping charge from those people who are buying both products together.

Before going to Amazon, there was a toilet paper with Trump’s face in China before it started selling. During the Presidential election held in the US last year, China started selling these toilet paper. At that time it was also quite fierce. But the American administration will respond to what Amazon’s action is about to see. However, no response has been received from White House so far.

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