American hospital worker won jackpot worth 75.9 million. Washington The employee of a hospital in Massachusetts, USA, claimed to win an undisclosed jackpot of $ 75.9 million. 53-year-old Mewis Vankajik bought the winning Powerball from a shop in Chingoeppe, Springfield, located in the north. 6,7,16,23,26 were lucky numbers and had 4 powerball numbers.

American hospital worker won jackpot worth 75.9 million – India Virals |

Vankajic said on Thursday that he wants to sit down and relax first. He was working for 32 years in the nursing department of Mercy Medical Center, which he has now left.
According to the state return, Wankaje has decided to take a lump sum amount of up to 48.05 or 33.6 billion dollars, after saving taxes, instead of taking full payment.
According to the rules, the winners who regularly take the winning money for more than 12 years, they get more money.

American hospital worker won jackpot worth 75.9 million – India Virals |

The ratio of victory is only one of 29.2 million. According to the American National Security Council, the proportion of those who die of lightning is less than one in 162,000.
It is the largest Jackpot to win a ticket and the second largest lottery prize in America. In 2016, three people won the $ 1.6 billion powerball jackpot.

This jackpot is held twice a week. It is played in 44 states, including Washington, Puerto Rico and Virgin Island of America. Together they inspect this game.

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