Amit Shah speaks about Pak with enlightened citizens. Bhopal. BJP national president Amit Shah dinner with the enlightened citizens on the second day of Bhopal migration. During this, he said in response to a question that Pakistan is a headache and it will be treated like this.

In the same way, he said about the ongoing tension with China that his method of working is different. We are the locals. Concerning Goods and Services Tax (GST), he said that it has to compete against quality and price. The government is working to encourage.

Amit Shah speaks about Pak with enlightened citizens – India Virals |

At a dinner in a capital city, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan said that the intention of the party president was to meet the enlightened citizens. According to sources, there was no agenda for this informal visit. Whatever issues arose from Shah, he responded silently to everyone.

On Pakistan’s question of having a headache for India, he said that it would be treated like this. On efforts to encircle China, he said that the method of working is different. We are democracy. GST said that business would be like business. Competition will be about quality and price. We will encourage the competition.

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On the question of opening the doors of language for knowledge science and giving official status to the languages ​​of the state, he said that there is some problem with Hindi in Tamil Nadu. The rest of the country are understanding Hindi.

Padma Shri Rama Kant-Umakant Gundecha banquet, Rajiv Verma, Devi Lal Patidars, Vijaydutt Sridhar, Dokskand Trivedi, Dokanurag Ti, businessman Dilip Suryavanshi, Sunil Bansal, BU Vice-Chancellor Professor Pramod Verma, Arjipivi Chancellor Sunil Kumar Gupta, fees Regulatory Commission president Tiar Thapak, party organization secretary Ram Lal, vice-president Viny Shstrbuddhe, Prabhat Jha, general secretary Anil Jain, Kailash Vijay Rgiy, state president Nand Kumar Singh Chouhan, Public Relations Minister Doknrottm Mishra, Vijesh Lunawat, Veedi Sharma and other dignitaries including Rahul Kothari included.

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