Analysis: How much are we prepared to fight with terrorism? All major countries in the world are making every effort to deal with terrorism but its changing face is becoming more dangerous. The biggest democratic force in the past, the US invasion of Los Vegas has brought security agencies around the world to the rigors.


Analysis: How much are we prepared to fight with terrorism?

Changes in the patterns are dangerous.

This is because there is a change in the pattern (methods) of terrorism globally which can be easily seen. The attack in Los Vegas is a part of the attack. Let me tell you that in the busy city like Los Vegas, a sniper attack happened during a musical concert is going to be worried.

On the June 3 London Bridge attack in London, new ways of terrorism were revealed. At the behest of the big terrorist organizations, the technique of assaulting a group of leas-trained terrorists is now outdated. To maintain the atmosphere of fear among the people, ‘Lone Wolf’ or ‘Wolf Attack’ has become more active.

What did you learn after 26/11?


India also lives on the target of terrorists. Even earlier, major terrorist attacks have raised questions about the security and security agencies of the country. 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai forced the country to think carefully about its preparations for security from terrorism.

This new pattern of terrorism has to be addressed. That too in countries like India, where organized and planned events like 26/11, the poles of the country’s security system were opened only. So how prepared are those attackers who exist between us? Because there is no harm in the attack.

Comparison of 26/11 and Los Vegas attack.

If India compares 26/11 to these terrorist incidents, then there is a big difference. Internal security experts say that after the Los Vegas incident in America, the behavior of politicians, common man, media and police was very different compared to here. After expressing grief over the incident, the US President praised the security agencies, the police and the Federal, and praised their professionalism. At the same time, the electronic media was reacting heavily on the incident and keeping away from the speculation, it was professionally accompanied by the public so that people do not become Panic’s status. The common people were also trying to deal with it peacefully. Somehow they were cooperating with security agencies instead of rage and accusation.

At the same time, in other Indian states, government and security were seen as helpless as it was about such accidents. Talk about 26/11, the best Mumbai Police in the country is not fully prepared. The Mumbai Police itself was strictly out of this kind of attack and was not ready. The Indian Navy carried the helicopter with the help of the army. NSG also took eight hours to reach Delhi from Mumbai. As long as the NSG did its work, 166 innocent people had lost their lives and many jaws were martyred.

Do we question this with the government?

terrorism attack

Indian security agencies and police are not less than bravery and valor but they will have to deal with more train and unrest. We have to see that if India’s shifts from sudden attacks by singers alone, how much are we ready for this and what have we learned from 26/11 mistakes? But the question is, how difficult is it to say that governments and bureaucrats in India are so aware of it?

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