This angry college students did the road jam. One of the four teachers appointed in middle school Bara Kothi is not coming to school from December 2016. While another teacher is deputed in other schools. In such a situation, the future of enrolled students in the school on the basis of the trust of two teachers is at stake.

This angry college students did the road jam – India Virals

Fourth: The displeasure of the teachers of the middle school Bora Kothi, disrupted by the lack of teachers, broke out on Friday. Students worried about the future of their future, jumped the Karuna Bend-Link Link Road. In order to teach 265 students enrolled in middle school Bora Kothi, four teachers were posted, but only two of them came to school regularly. It is said that a teacher appointed in the school has been deputed in other schools.

While another teacher Rajiv Ranjan has not been coming to school for a long time In this way, reading and reading of children from class I to VIII are adversely affecting. On several occasions, after the devastation of officials, many students were protesting on Friday. After the information of the jam, after the bioprocessor Ramkumar Singh understood and calm the angry students and guardians.

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Students are getting cheated by studying

There are 265 students enrolled in this school. The daily average attendance is said to be around 200. Under this situation, students of school students will be studying what is going to be done.

Block Education Officer Ram Kumar Singh said that the letter was sent to the District Education Officer for posting of teachers in the school. At the same time, honorarium payment of Rajiv Ranjan, appointed in the school, has been banned. This is a great lesson for the teachers who have disappeared from the school without any information. Such an arrangement has adversely affected children’s education.
Four teachers appointed in middle school, Boracotti are posted.

angry college students road jam – India Virals |

In-charge Principal Manikant Chaurasia and Assistant Teacher Shashi Bhushan Bharati regularly attend school. A lecturer has been deputed in 2015 to Praveen Shankar Shyam. Another teacher, Rajeev, is permanently absconding. Educated teacher Rajiv Ranjan Vidyalaya is not coming to school from December 22, 2016 So, reading-reading Ram is running trust. On the complaint of the villagers, the Block Education Officer inspected the school a week ago. The villagers also made aware of the problem of disrupting the school reading reading due to lack of teachers in the school. The BEO assured the villagers of the deployment of teachers.

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