Arrested for attempting murder of wife. Police of Ashoka Nagar police station in Kolkata arrested her husband for trying to murder a woman. Aropi’s name is Amal Das and other accused are being searched for. This incident belongs to the Kalyangarh area of ​​Ashok Nagar police station area.

The mother of the woman has alleged that only a few months after the marriage, the in laws have started harassing her. He used to pressurize him to demand money from his mother. They were beaten on refusing. On Tuesday, he went to leave his daughter to leave the tuition class.

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On returning, the in-laws beat him brutally Her body tried to kill her by throwing kerosene oil on her body and after hearing the news about her incident to her grandfather, the victim’s father reached Amal’s house.

The condition of the daughter admitted to the critical condition of Ashoknagar Hospital on Wednesday, the victim’s father lodged a case under section 307 of the in-laws against the accused, taking action on the basis of the police arrested her husband, while the other accused are absconding.

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