Cleanest village: Which country has the stain of defecation in open areas in rural areas? Can you imagine that such a village in India would be the cleanest village of all Asia? If you have lost some village then it can be difficult to accept it because there is such a mentality in many villages that it is wrong to do away in the house and work on spitting on the road, handling in the fields is our right.

cleanest village

This is Asia’s most cleanest village, What’s special.. ?

A small village of a part of a country with such diversity is liked to be named after the title of Asia’s cleanest village. On the issue of cleanliness, the name of this village, which shines differently on the map, is named Mavalinang. Located 90 km from the capital of Meghalaya and India’s Bangladesh border, the people of this village are wonderful. Because of these, this has been possible and this is the result of all efforts.

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If not cleaning then do not eat.

cleanest village


The people of the village have taken up the responsibility of cleanliness of the village of Mawalinnah. It is necessary to clean the maternal village in this village everyday. The person in the family who does not distribute hands in cleanliness does not get food. Polythene village is completely removed ban, started beds of bloated plants on both sides of the road and far away so open defecation, even spitting refuse to Kule.

In this village with a population of 500, there is no need to take any sickness. Made by replacing bamboo Krnkit homes with it come the tourists to see the bright village. The villagers also give clear instructions to cleanliness. This village is also called God’s own Garden.

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