This baby have a strange disease and eating everything. You may have seen many children eating mud and pencil in your surroundings, but this ten-year-old child living in is different from all of them. The ten-year-old Calum Higgins, living in Britain, suffer from strange rare disease “pica”.

This baby have a strange disease and eating everything ! – India Virals |

Due to this, he eats his sister doll (doll) in addition to electric wires, pencils, and socks kept in the house. To keep her safe, her mother Stephanie locked the refrigerator. If he does not do that, then food and food kept in the Kalam fridge can be eaten raw.

He sleeps only two hours in the night and only 20 minutes in the day, so the people have to be more careful. Stephanie explains that she chew something or other at all times. If you want wire in front of it, pencil, pen, soap, socks or anything else. Once he had eaten a tablet, then he had to be hospitalized.

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