It Looks like the bamble fair – A Unique Marriage Market. Madhubani In the Mithilanchal area of ​​Bihar, the Sauratha Sabha i.e. the fair of the Dulhans, has come from ancient times. This tradition continues even today. The debate over its importance in the modern era has definitely increased. Saurath Sabha is located on 22 bighas of land in Saurath, Madhubani district. It is also known as a gathering. Saurath is a name similar to Saurashtra of Gujarat. Like Saurashtra in Gujarat, there is a Somnath temple here, but not so big. Similar is the subject of research in Saurath and Saurashtra.

It Looks like the bamble fair – A Unique Marriage Market

It Looks like the bamble fair – A Unique Marriage Market – India Virals |

In the Mithilanchal region, this fair of Matthal Brahmin bulls takes seven to 11 days per year in the senior or in the month of Ashadh, in which the daughters of the daughters pick up the worthy groom and take them with them and then the proverb is said to be chanted. In this meeting, the qualified groom comes with his father and other parents. The people of the girl’s side talk to each other and their families, Gather complete information about the total family and decide on the relationship when the groom likes it.

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Local people say that there was a good crowd in the Saurashtra assembly till about two decades ago, but now its charm seems to be less. Do not like to sit in this boat on higher education received. Today’s youth section is not ready to fulfill this tradition. The role of traditional registrars in Saurath Sabha is important. The relationship that is settled here gives recognition to the registrar. The role of the Magistrate in the Court Marriage is the same role that the registrar has in this meeting.

The registrar keeps the genealogy of the bride and the bride side. They match the upheaval (marriage records) of the seven generations on both sides. On seeing the height of both sides, it is confirmed that there is no marriage link between the two families in the first seven generations, then the registrar says, Be right, that is, there is no blood connection already, so there is no harm in establishing a relationship. Registrar Vishwa Mohan Chandra Mishra, who decides marriages in Saurath, said that 700 million years ago, the Mathith Brahmins started this practice in 1310 so that marriage relations could be settled between good clans. About 1.5 lakh people came here in 1971. In 1991, nearly fifty thousand people had come, but now the number of visitors has decreased considerably.

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It Looks like the bamble fair – A Unique Marriage Market – India Virals |

Mithilalok Foundation Chairman Mithilakok Foundation Chairman Dr. Birbal Jha strongly advocates to preserve the existence of this marriage that has existed since ancient times in Mithilanchal. He has started his Sarkar Sabha campaign on behalf of his organization. He said that there are some scientific reasons behind such a fair. Doctors also advise not to get married in the same blood group. Perhaps this is the reason that Maithil Brahmins do not marry in the same clan and origin. They believe that the best of the offspring is to marry children in different tribes. In this fair, the Brahmins of different tribes are present together.

Another registrar Vijay Chandra Mishra alias Govind ji says that there was not much traffic before. Finding a suitable bride for your daughter was a difficult task, So all the Brahmins of Mithilanchal came to the Saurath and decided to marry. He said that the people here are now living in other states and they get qualified fairs even there. Boys and girls are taught to read and sit together and decide, there is no need to come here. However, people come here to write a record and write a theory from the registrar.

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