Ban 4 laws: Referring to the law of the hands is so much in every film of the 90th century it was made to fit the dialog forcibly that the law’s hand is not too long. But in any film, the mind of the law was not talked about. There were so many laws in the country till a few years ago that you will lose your laughter after hearing about it. You will also think about what basis such laws were made. The current government has abolished a number of laws, but you should know that what is the law that does not have to happen or not? Here’s a list of ban 4 laws.

You have hardly followed these laws, now the government have ban 4 laws.

Kite flying license

80 years ago the Aircraft Act 1934 was made. According to which you needed a license to fly a kite. That is, if someone was seen blowing without a permit kite, then he could be arrested. Without a permit you could not have been involved in any Pating Festival. The law was recently finished, now imagine that according to the law have gone to jail more guys … because the kite was just not made but it Aashiqui was also very.

Inspector’s teeth should be clean

In 1914, legal provisions in Andhra were brought in that the traffic inspector’s teeth should be shining all the time. If it does not happen then the inspector will be considered ineligible. Just think that if these laws were applicable to the whole country today, many inspectors of Uttar Pradesh would have been considered ineligible for some time. If they do not eat roti baboo paan, then it will be called against their pride!

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Tell the government if you get more than Rs 10

According to the Old Treasure Act, if you meet more than Rs 10 on the road, then the information was to be given to the Authority. There was a provision to go to jail even if not doing this. You will not say anything about it. Think of it yourself.

You have to play drum on the road

These laws were for the people of Delhi that if the number of locusts in the city has increased, you can be called to play the drum on the road. If you refuse or do not get there, then you had a fine of 50 rupees and a prison for up to 1 year. It was finished

The Modi government has so far abolished about 1175 such strange laws that did not fit in today’s calculations. There is still a rehearsal of such laws which will soon be excluded from the impact.

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