OMG: Ban on human beings on this island. We have heard about many types of restrictions. There are many types of restrictions in many countries. But if someone ever bans you, then what will you say to him. But there is one such island in the world where humans are banned. No person here can die, this is the reason that no death has been done from 70 years here.

Ban on human beings

OMG: Ban on human beings on this island – India Virals |

The administration has banned death against the rules of nature in Longyearbyen, a small town in Norway. Actually, there is cold blood freezing on this island. In the winter season, the temperature becomes so low that life becomes very difficult. Due to the coldness of the thunderstorms, the bodies remain the same for years.

Ban on human beings

Because of the cold they neither melt nor rot. The bodies can not be destroyed for years. Due to this, the fear of disease increases. Now the person who is going to die here or there is an emergency, the person is taken from a helicopter to another area of ​​the country, where his funeral is done right after death.

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