The police arrested the vicious criminal Dilip Mandal, who reached Darbhanga with the loot of the bank. Police also recovered five rounds of live cartridges including a pistol from it. The arrested criminal is a resident of Madhubani district. The arrested criminal has been jailed in the crime of robbery, cash van robbery and day-to-day robbery. Just a few days before he left the jail once again, he planned not only to rob the bank but also to reiki the bank.

Before the Dilip Mandal carried out the incident in Darbhanga with his Puri team, the police got an idea before it and it was arrested before it was executed a major incident. SSP Satyavir Singh of Darbhanga told the media that there is a whole gang of Dilip Mandal, who makes interstellal crime, it is the master who specializes in the execution of the whole gang robbery, robbery.

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By dp