Earth Population

Earth Population

Earth Population : This world is spreading just like that. The population is growing so much that now the earth is getting smaller. Everywhere is human and human, people in the bus, people on the streets, in auto, in cars, on motorcycles, on clothes, in hotels, in restaurants, in homes, one walking on another, pushing all are in haste. Since human beings are festive by nature, so we also celebrate a special day for the growing population. 11th July i.e. the world is celebrating World Population Day. But do you know how much this country can bear the burden of population?

A quarter of the world is just India

The world’s population is reaching around 8 billion. For an Indian this will not be a big number because we are approaching 2 Billion.

Every second many child take births!

Every second, four children are born in the world. There is no shocking thing in terms of India. Walk around government hospitals. Combining private hospitals and home delivery, it may be possible that these numbers increase at a sudden.

The world can take so much burden!

Have you ever wondered how much burden this world can take? According to a 2012 survey and a 2015 study, our earth can bear a burden of about 11 billion, but the speed at which we are moving looks like it will find this figure in the next few years. Then what will happen to the earth, then everything will end?

World population above 7 billion!

In the last 50 years we have spread more than two times. According to 1960’s figures, the world population was 3 billion and by 2011, we had crossed 7 billion crosses.

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