Beer health drink: Many losses of beer are always counted, it is said to be harmful. Harms the health. Hardly have you ever heard that someone has told about its advantages. But the Excise Minister of Andhra Pradesh recently counted beer as a health drink and counted its many advantages. Yes, beer is a health drink for Excise Minister KS Jawahar, and not only they are ready to prove this.

Beer health drink for these ministers, see how the benefits are heard.

Beer health drink

Let us tell you that the new liquor policy is being implemented in the state, women are protesting about it. At the same time, the minister has made a new lease of beer in a TV channel interview by describing beer as a health drink. A video is being viral on social media, in which they appear to be saying that beer is a health drink. However, no response has been reached by the minister on this matter so far. He called Beer a health drink in a wholesome message yesterday and even counted several benefits.

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In this message he told that drinking beer can be avoided by a dangerous disease like cancer, there are many elements that contain cancer. At the same time it also decreases the risk of heart disease. Beer protects diseases such as dementia and coronary. Not only this, it was written that the digestive system is cured, beer is also beneficial for keeping the juveniles for long periods of time.
However, the excise department officials have refused to do this in this way. They say that if beer is a health drink then why it needs special licenses. Why do not they get to the General Store stores.

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