I will be surprised to know the benefits of eating banana for 21 days. In today’s world everyone knows that banana is a better source of body fat and stamina but not everyone knows how and when it is used. Many elements are found in banana. Which provide stamina and energy to our body. Banana is considered to be the cheapest and best source of growth of stamina and energy.

I will be surprised to know the benefits of eating banana for 21 days

If we take four bananas in the morning with milk then our body will grow stamina and energy very fast and by mixing two banana milk and a little cinnamon in the evening, we get very much energy and stamina. If we do this for 21 days every day, you will know about the benefits that come from it. Today we will talk to you about this.

1. strengthen bones-

Banana contains a special type of probiotic bacteria that absorbs calcium intake. Calcium which strengthens bones

2. Cholesterol Controlling-

Banana contains high amounts of potassium. From which it helps control the cholesterol.

3.  Remove weaknesses-

By taking banana with milk, the body’s weakness is removed.

4. Get instant energy-

By eating banana, you get instant energy. If you take it in breakfast then you will continue to give it energy throughout the day.

5. Removal of blood deficiency-

Banana contains plenty of iron, which increases the amount of hemoglobin. It eliminates the disease of blood and also removes the disease of anemia.

6. Assistant in weight gain-

If you want to increase your weight, then add banana to your diet and it will increase your weight.

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