These are the benefits of amla juice, drink everyday ! Amla is extremely beneficial for our health. If we consumed Amla everyday then the shortage of iron and vitamin C will be fulfilled.

benefits of amla juice

These are the benefits of amla juice, drink everyday! – India Virals |

Every person requires 50mg vitamin c per day, so if you consume Amla or eat its juice then your body will be filled with Vitamin C. Let’s know the health of amla juice …

benefits of amla juice

1. If you are troubled by the stomach’s digestive tract, then drink urine juice, it will remove the disease of constipation.

2. If the children get out of the teeth, it gives the benefit of chewing with the amla juice in the daily amount of honey.

3. If you drink sugar in the fresh juice of Amla and drink it every morning, you will get rid of urine irritation.

4. If you take amla juice with honey twice a day, you get benefit in diseases of asthma and bronchitis.

5. If you drink amla juice with coconut water then you will get rid of the sour dakars.

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