Who is behind the Big Boss 10 success? Manu Panjabi disclosed. Season 10 of Big Boss was quite well-known and the biggest reason for this show’s hit was revealed by Manu Singh, a contestant in the show, in a recent interview. Manu is coming out with a talk show soon.

Who is behind the Big Boss 10 success? Manu Panjabi disclosed

Manu is coming out with a talk show called ‘Wide Manu Punjabi‘, ‘Discussion on Bibi Tea’. Speaking to the Times of India, Manu unveiled many things related to the Big Boss Season 10. Manu Punjabi believes that behind this season 10 hits, Swami Om, the contestant of this show, has a big hand.

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Describing his talk show, Manu said that the talk show is based on the Big Boss where people can discuss their dislike about this show. At the same time, on this show, there will be many more fun-entertaining topics.

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Manu said about the coming season that the creative team of Big Boss is quite good. They are always present with some different and best, and this time it is getting to see something similar. The first thing seen in the Big Boss is that friendship between the contestant is mutual. But this time there is a neighboring theme through which the makers have told that this time there will be two teams and two houses.

Manu said about the friendship with Monalisa that when he came to the house of Big Boss. He got a good friendship with Mona. As we are friends with each other, but we do not know how many other meanings of friendship between both of us in the camera, I do not want to comment on this. If you want to stay in the Big Boss, then you have to make friends there.

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