Big news: Neha Dhupia incident happened. Neha Dhupia, who has reached Chandigarh in connection with the promotion of Season 2 of her show No Filter Neha has become an accident. At the time when this accident happened he was going to Chandigarh airport to take a flight to Mumbai. Because of the accident, there was a lot of jamming and Neha was stuck there for almost half an hour.

Neha Dhupia incident happened

The good thing is that there is no serious injury to him or his team in this accident. However, due to this, Neha was quite in shock. He also complains of pain in the shoulder.
The most disturbing thing about this is that instead of helping people during the mishap, they have been busy with selfie and taking autographs.
What is no filter neha

In 2016, Neha started the show on podcast. In it, she interviews Bollywood celebrities and tries to bring untold stories related to her life. The show got very good response. This year its season 2 was launched this year.

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