Bigg Boss: Sapna Chaudhary unveils her first love. Mumbai. A week has passed since Bigg Boss season 11 begins. The audience is getting to see everything they hoped in the show. Hariyanvi Singer and Dancer Sapna Chaudhary are also making a big difference in the Big Boss house. The dream seekers are very happy to see him on TV. In the telecasted show in the past days, Arshi and Sapna were launched in Sultani’s Akhara. In which the dream beat the Arshi tremendously.

Bigg Boss: Sapna Chaudhary unveils her first love

During this time, the dream has opened many secrets related to her life in the Big Boss house. This Raj has told Priyank. At the moment Priyank has been out of the house on weekends, but the dream had told him these things when he was inside the house. When Priyanka asked the dream of who is in your house. Then the dream was answered by saying that in her house there is a younger brother, a big sister and a mother. Sisters are married and they have two children.

The dream told about her love that he liked a boy, but the boys whom I liked did not like me and the one I liked was not of any use. I do not want to get married because my focus is money. The dream further told about her friends that her friends are very few. In school days, there was no friendship with more people. Girls often used to speak serial in school, so I never liked them.

Describing the death of her father, the dream said that after the death of her  father. We had to keep out from our house for their treatment. Father died of heart attack. Let us tell you that these secrets of the dream were hidden so far that now the dream has brought itself to everybody.

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