Many districts of Bihar will be directly connected to China, Tibet and Nepal. More than two hundred towns in many districts including Nalanda are going to widen. Now that China, Tibet and Nepal, these places will be connected in principle. Bihar’s Bihar Sharif, Asthawan, Kaila, Baribigha, Sarmera and other roads have now got new identity as the new Asian Highway 42. This road will reach Lanjayu city of China, through Lhasa of Nalanda, Nepal, Tibet from Barahi in Jharkhand.

Many districts of Bihar will be directly connected to China, Tibet and Nepal

This 11 thousand 432-kilometer long road will now be world-class. If you believe that this road will be at least 6 lane. Road is divided into 12 parts for construction. Through the Himalayan Passes and inaccessible roads, the road will go through. The outline of AH 42 has been prepared.

Many districts of Bihar will be directly connected to China, Tibet and Nepal

However, there is no provision for making new roads for this. The provision of making the old roads only world class has been made. It passes through the Buddhist circuit. As a matter of fact, soon it will be given a fantasy. According to official sources, the speed limit on these roads will be 60 to 120 km. This means that this road primary category will be developed.

AH 42: Barahi, Nawada, Bihar Sharif, Asthawan, Kaila, Baribigha, Sarmera, Jiromile Begusarai, Bachwada, Musari-Gharari, Tajpur, Chak Ahmed, Muzaffarpur, Pipra-Kothi, Motihari, Sugoli, through the cities of Bihar and Jharkhand, Ramgadhwa, Yacha Tola, Shamyata Nagar, via Raxaul, Nepal
Let’s tell you that the full name of AH is Asian Highway. It connects two or more countries of Asia with the road to the country. This is also called Great Asian Highway. This proposal came in the United Nations in the year 1959. Under the Asian Land Infrastructure Development (ALTID) scheme, agreement between 32 countries has been reached under the Economic and Social Commission for Asian and the Pacific Division (ESCAP) in 1992. It includes Sri Lanka, Pakistan, China, Iran, Japan, South Korea and Bangladesh including Asia of India
What is AH at a glance

  1. Total number of AH: 55
  2. Length of all roads: 1,41,000 km
  3. Number of AH passing through India: 08
  4. Category of AH on quality basis: 04
  5. Four Category: Primary, Class One, Class-II and Class III
  6. Cost of developing 55 AH: 26.6 billion dollars
  7. So far: $ 8.6 billion
  8. Need for construction: $ 18 billion
  9. So far, 3 countries the investment: China, India and Russia
  10. AH producing 42 percent Level zero

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