In the Czech Republic‘s nuclear power plant 10 batons had to give ‘bikini exam‘ for internships. Not only this, after the bikini exam, his photos were uploaded by the plant on Facebook and people were asked for opinions. But this step to keep girl students on internship has become huge in the plant. Now it’s getting dark on every side.

Actually, some graduates of the school wanted to do internships here, in exchange for which a beauty contest was conducted in their bikini in the cooling area (cold zone) of the nuclear power plant.

Bikini Exam in Nuclear power plant

10 girl students from the South Bohemian region took part in this. The special thing is that by the nuclear power plant management, uploading a photo of girl students on Facebook, people were asked which student is their favorite.

People were also asked to vote. Facebook users and people gave a strong reaction to this.

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10 girl students got work from silly steps !

The move of the CEZ Tamillin Plant is a people’s silly step. Although the nuclear power plant administration argued that the girls enjoyed the competition, but the issue got spoiled due to photographing the headlines in the social media of photographs.

The user named Barra Becvarova wrote that this was a very condemnatory step taken by the management. Choosing a student on the basis that she is looking for a bikini suit, can not be justified.

A user named Peter Jaricik wrote that now girls will be selected by creating such a basis for internships. This is a very dirty and unwise step. Some even questioned what kind of application forms for boys in such a form. The management, after the criticisms, has also realized its mistake, so he apologized, declaring all the 10 girl students as winners.

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