Bill Gates Predictions: Bill Gates is the world’s richest man. There are also largest donors. But do you know that they are also prophets. And that too is not such a prediction, most of the predictions of Bill Gates have proved to be true. Do not be surprised to read this. Gates is not the person to predict on the basis of the letters and the planets and constellations. In 1999, he had estimated 15 futures in his book ‘Business @ The Speed ​​of Thought’. See, how true they are.

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Bill Gates Predictions

After knowing these prophecies of Bill Gates, you will understand yourself that all of these have already come true and things are constantly getting advanced.

Bill Gates predictions, too many truths have happened

Bill Gates has not named Smartphones, Apple Watch, Google Personal Assistant, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Freelance Websites etc., because they came into existence after 1999, but Gates’s predictions seem to be describing them accurately.

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Prices in comparison to websites

Bill Gates Predictions: –

Bill Gates Predictions

1.  Bill Gates had in 1999 written in his book that people will be able to see the comparison of prices on different websites and know about the cheapest products. Today there are a number of websites that offer comparative prices for any product at one click.

2. People will always keep small electronic devices with them. Thanks to them, they will be constantly in touch with their people and can do all their work from anywhere. They will be able to see the news, know about your flight booking, and get all the information. Needless to say, this Gates prediction has come true even after the mobile phone comes with Internet facility and smartphone.

3. People will pay their bills through internet, supervise their financial affairs and seek their doctor’s advice.

4. Personal companies will develop. They will connect and sync all your devices smartly, whether they are at home or in the office. The exchange of data between them will be possible. The device will check your emails and notifications and will present the information you need.

5. You will continue to receive continuous video feed of your home, from which you will know that someone came to you in your absence

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6. Private websites for your friends and family will become commonplace. You will be able to chat with them and plan your events.

7. Software will know where you have booked tickets and they will suggest activity in accordance with them. The things you can participate in, they will tell you related activities, discounts, offers, lowest prices.

8. Seeing a match on television, you will be able to do live dishes and who will win, will be able to participate in the contest by participating in this regard.

9. Smart adverting will be in the device. They will show you ads and suggest ideas according to your preference and preferences.

Bill Gates Predictions

10. There will also be links to related websites and content in television broadcasting, so that you can better understand what is being broadcasted.

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11. People of cities and villages will be able to do internet based disciplines on all issues like local polytechnics, city planning and safety, which affect them.

12. Online communities will develop on the basis of your interests, not based on where you live.

13. The project manager who wants to build the team will go online and talk about their project and get recommendations from people who fit their needs.

14. In the same way, people interested in getting work can be told about their interest, needs and specializations online.

15. Companies will be able to present their claims for any work, whether it is a project related to construction, film production or advertisement campaign.

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