Billions Rupees Bundles: Searching for hidden treasures is considered quite exciting in itself. If you find success in this quest, then the thing becomes special. But what if you get billions of rupees in the treasury but do not have any significance? Something similar happened with some explorers of Russia.

Bundles of notes that were lying in the old quarry like this…

billions rupees Bundles

Billions Rupees Bundles kept hidden in old quarry, out of the hall

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Some searchers living in St. Petersburg had heard rumors that the treasure is hidden in some quarries located 161 kilometers from Moscow. According to the rumor, at the time of the fall of the USSR, some people had hidden crores of rupees in old mines, where no one came, which is still present there. Assuming them to be the basis, Russian Anton Anton Alekseev created a group of some people and went on a quest for treasure.

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During the search, suddenly he got a billion Soviet ruble from an old mine. According to the exchange rate, they are about one billion, 12 million rupees. But these bundles of notes emerged from the piece of paper for the team. Actually, the Soviet Ruble was running in 1961. But after 1990 the Russian ruble started running there. In such a way, these notes are no longer important.

Team members are happy and desperate too
The team member Olga Bogdanova, who went to search for the treasure, said in an interview after the discovery that she is happy that her team removed notes from mine after searching. However, there is little regret that these money, which could be the means of living a life of luxury for someone, is no longer of any use.

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