This boy became a professional photographer even after he was born as handicap. It is said that Talent is not an idiot. Whatever it comes out of it. Such is the story of Achmad Zulkarnainan. They have no hands and feet since birth. But in the case of taking photographs, he is a master. Go-cart cars are also known to run at a high speed. All this has happened just because of their passion and just. In Indonesia, Java is the name of Timur.

This boy became a professional photographer even after he was born as handicap.

Here, I live in Banuwangi. At age he is 24 years old. They were born, since then they do not have their hands and feet. Initially, trying to run the camera. Passion was so professional that it became a professional photographer. Take one superb photos from one. Achydad’s fingers are not even there. In this way, he runs the camera with the help of his face, mouth and arms. Not only that, after photographing, they also transfer them to laptops.

If the work is handled, then the public also gets edited. Mana does not seem to be from anywhere that they do not have hands and feet, they create trouble between passion. Own company is maintained. The name is named- DZOEL. In an interview he said that he does not want people to see their pictures and think about them. They just want to see their creativity.

Achhmed has made photoshoots of all the people. He has created documentaries on his behalf, which is why he is an example among us. Apart from the camera, they have a lot of hobbies. It’s one of them – run a go cart. This car of Achmad has been designed according to their size (length), which helped their family to make much of the help.

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