Boys wear Girls Skirts in London: In England, teenagers defeated a school’s dress policy ‘No shorts’. Students protesting reached the school in skirts. Now the school administration is ready to revisit this policy. Let’s say that there has been a lot of heat in England for the past several days. On Wednesday, the temperature was recorded at 34 degrees Celsius. In this way, students are having difficulty in wearing full dress.

Here Boys wear girls skirts and Reason will shock you !

Boys wear girls skirts

This case belongs to the ISCA Academy located in Exeter. When the students talked to the Principal on this school policy, they joked in the joke that if they want, they can wear a skirt. After this, some students reached the skirt. For this, he borrowed a skirt from his classmates. A student’s mother told that her son was very upset with the heat, but she is feeling very relaxed in the skirt. The second woman said that her son wanted to wear ‘Nikkar’ (small pants), but she was told that it will be punished if doing so.

School Principal Aimee Mitchell said to the students, “If you like, you can wear skirts, but I think that the rules of this school are being made funky.” They said that most of the children should wear skirts and come to school Are making. Mitchell said that after re-consultation with the students and their parents, the school administration will reconsider their dress policy again.

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