Bride head shave: Joan and Craig Lions had known each other since when they were in their teens. Craig took 30 years to raise his feelings for Joan, and took 30 years to gear up. When he finally told Joan that he loved her, both of them got engaged, but a few days later, Craig came to know that he had cancer and he is now on the last stage of cancer. He had only a few months life left. This news shook Joan and Craig. To know all this, Joan wanted to live with her surviving the happiness and love she had with her.

This bride shaves her head on wedding day- Bride head shave

Therefore, she decided to shave off her wedding day. At the same time, he decided to do some help for cancer victims. In this endeavor, he had to get rid of Craig on his wedding day in front of all the friends and family members. Joan also donated Balo to an institution that makes a wig for cancer victims. At the same time, on the day of his marriage, he funded and donated it.

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The sad ending of this beautiful and touching story came when Craig died on Christmas after marriage. His close friend, who was with him, told him that knowing his shaving of Joan at his wedding reception and knowing the reason was very painful. This made the eyes look dull. Despite this, the love between them was so scattered all over the environment that the wedding became a beautiful memorable laugh for all the guests.

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