Here the bride does not marry the groom only. Everyone knows that marriage is always the boy and the girl. Without a bride or a bride, it can not be married. Marriage is important for both. But there is a place where there is no need for a bride to get married. Now you too might be wondering where this happens So let us tell where it is.

Actually, we are talking about a company in Japan where girls can marry without a groom. Similar stories are coming to some social media. The company gives a package of these types. In this package, the girls here want to marry but do not want to live the whole life with anyone.

So here it is that for the day, they see themselves as a bride and for this, the company also facilitates registration. It has also come to the news that a make-up man of this makes the bride fully prepared.

After this, the bride is also photographed and after the shoot the party also happens as the bride wants.

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By dp