BSF will talk to Bangladesh on the issue of Rohingyas. Border Security Force chief KK Sharma will take up the issue of Rohingyas coming to India in front of Bangladesh’s Director General of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) Abul Hossein and demand to ban those who illegally enter India.

BSF will talk to Bangladesh on the issue of Rohingyas – India Virals |

Two officers will meet in DG level meeting in Delhi in the first week of October. When Sharma was asked about this, he told that he would raise the issue of Rohingya in this meeting.

issue of Rohingyas

Intelligence agencies say that around 40 thousand Rohingya have been here for nearly 4 thousand kilometers of India-Bangladesh border since the year 2012-13. It is being told that there are about 3 lakh Rohingya Muslims living in Bangladesh, in such a way that India is afraid that more people do not come here illegally.

issue of Rohingyas

Even though the BSF also arrests people illegally on the border and fires after giving a warning. But there is a large amount of forest on this border. In such a case, it is difficult to keep a close watch for 24 hours.

issue of Rohingyas

Lieutenant General Shokin Chauhan, Director General, Assam Rifles, who guarded the border of Myanmar and over 1600 kilometers of India. Shokin Chauhan said that Rohingya is not entering India through the Indo-Myanmar border at any cost.

issue of Rohingyas

During this, Chauhan said that the fencing of India and Myanmar border is a very difficult task. He said that those people of North-East who share their traditions, traditions and culture with other countries will never let this happen.

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