Railway Food: From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, wherever you look gracefully, you will see the packed coaches of the train. People stunned like Chana Murra in the train, the long-running journey of the Indian Railways depends on the palm of life. Railway people claim that they make all the facilities available on the train during the train, but the service to the railway, which the service says, is less than any punishment for the passengers.

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From Matar Paneer, Panner is Missing ! CAG’s latest report Saying Everything about Railway food

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If you face a plate that is served inside the train then you must read this news related to CAG report, it has been told where the cheese has been removed from the paneer and the potato potato … how the round happened . In the CAG’s latest report it has been acknowledged that food which is served inside the train is not worth eating animals.

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As a human being, you will want to be careful before reading the report, because after reading this report you may be able to be like a sick person and if you have been chewing rice with a lot of fun while traveling in the train recently, then you can get bored Vomiting and diarrhea can also be complained with.

The report presented in the Parliament on behalf of the CAG has revealed shocking information. In the dirt, the food is cooked, as well as the things used in cooking, they are also mixed if they have crossed the expiry date.

The CAG toured 74 stations and 80 trains, where they looked different from all the railway standards of the vendors. Where was the use of dirty water to make food, then food was being eaten next to the amber of dirt. Neither a dustbin cover nor a strong solution to protect food from insects. Good packing with good packing is packed up to the seats. In compulsion, the passengers have to pay more than three times the price.

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