London: Cara Delevingne says, Modeling Ruined Me. Model Cara_Delevingne says that her modeling model has ruined her.

Cara Delevingne ,Modeling Ruined Me

Cara feels that she was bound to follow the Orthodox concept of feminine beauty during modeling.

Cara Delevingne ,Modeling Ruined Me

Modeling ruined me: Cara Delevingne – India Virals |

Cara Delevingne told the website Telegraph .com: “As a model, I played the character, which society wants me as a woman. Because of this, modeling ruined me.”

Cara Delevingne ,Modeling Ruined Me

Cara goes on to say, I was successful by modeling it according to that sensation at the time, but I thought it was not real, but that is the same conservative view of feminine beauty. Being a feminist, I saw that we are the very delicate, low-quality beauties lipstick.

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