What about these Cat Lovers, the special train for the Cats. In most pets, most of the dogs are fed. Because they benefit greatly. Nobody can do better than the house guards. But nowadays people have started cats as pets. In such a case, cat lovers in Japan provided the train for them.

Cat Lovers

What about these Cat Lovers, the special train for the cats – India Virals

It is said that the people there loved the cats and they kept them in the houses. In Japan’s Ogaki Sunday, people used to run a special train for cats, along with the railway operator. In this train, only 40 passengers were in the first day. The surprising thing is that only 30 of those passengers were cats who traveled on the train.Cat Lovers

During this, the passengers also enjoyed a lot of fun together with the cats. He also paid special attention to their safety. It has been done so that the people can be made aware to prevent the killing of cats.

Cat Lovers

Actually, the number of cats in Japan was 72,624 in 2016, compared to 237,246 in 2004. At present, a total of 9.8 million cats have been recorded in Japan.

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