Chemotherapy is also harmful ! 3 Ways to Avoid Damage. Chemotherapy used by a cancer treatment as a successful treatment is definitely possible, but cemotherapy has some side effects that affect health very much. These 3 natural tips are a very effective way to avoid these side effects Learn.


Chemotherapy is also harmful! 3 Ways to Avoid Damage – India Virals |

1. Acupuncture – According to experts, the problem of chronic respiratory or vomiting that can occur after chemotherapy can be controlled naturally by acupuncture. According to a research report on 11 clinical trials conducted in 2005 and other studies, patients receiving acupuncture sessions after chemotherpy have found less difficulty.


2. Massage Therapy – Massage Therapy is not just a way to get rid of physical and mental benefits and fatigue, but it is also effective for those patients who are going through the side effects of chemotheraphy. According to a research, 41 patients of chemotherapy were given massage therapy after therapy, it was found that their pain and discomfort greatly reduced and they also gained in sleep.

3. Medicines – There are many medicines in Ayurveda and Osteopathy, which can prove to be very helpful in removing the problems of chemotherapy. The name of the ginger in these medicines is highest. According to a 2009 study, 644 cancer patients were given ginger supplements for three days before chemotherapyy, which resulted in a decrease of 40 percent of those patients and other problems after treatment.

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