Chemotherapy,New York: Cancer is the most dangerous and deadly disease ever. If there is a proper treatment at the time, then the disease can be answered by breaking the mouth. There is still a lot of confusion about chemotherapy in many places. So far, it was considered as a panacea for dealing with cancer, but a recent research has revealed shocking disclosures.

Report Says that Chemotherapy is harmful for Cancer Patients

There is Better Treatment for Short Period but not for Long.

The research report claims that if chemotherapy is used to eliminate cancerous tumors, then it increases the chances of spreading it in other parts of the body. Experts in New York-based Albert Einstein College of Medicine researched that chemotherapy cancer has better treatment for short duration but not for long.

Chemotherapy First Option

Claiming in the research report, it has been said that it can be a reason for the aggressive withdrawal of cancer. Chemotherapy may be the first option for treating breast cancer patients. It can attack the disease and end it with the root. But the researchers say that it can not be a long-term relief.

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Opens the way to Give Birth to New Tumors

He says that along with trying to eliminate the tumor from chemotherapy, it opens the way to give birth to new tumors. Because of which cancer can take serious forms and treatment can be more difficult than before. The major researcher, Dr. George Caraginis, informed that tumor tissues can be examined after chemotherapy before the operation. From this, it can be seen that if the markers of the tumors are increasing then the first operation can be stopped, by preventing chemotherapy.

Circumcision of Blood Circulation throughout the Body with Blood Circulation

The chemotherapy drug given through tablets medicines or intra-venus drip can spread to the whole body with blood circulation. By increasing the likelihood of getting cancerous cells sitting in the tumor of the drug and sitting on the other side of the body. In most cases of breast cancer, similar problems have been found.

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