Chennai man arrested for receiving “anti-national”: It’s not simply communicating something specific that may arrive you stuck in an unfortunate situation these days. Notwithstanding accepting a message on WhatsApp makes you helpless. Tadikala Akabar Saleem was a week ago captured at the Chennai air terminal where he had gone to get a companion who was touching base from Gulf since cops found a sound message in his telephone that they considered against national.

Chennai man arrested for receiving “anti-nationalized” message on WhatsApp Messanger. Yes, for receiving it

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On Monday, in spite of the fact that, 36-year-old Saleem was discharged after a justice in Chennai told cops that an irregular message on a telephone was no indication of any hostile to national exercises and didn’t warrant somebody reserved for charges of dissidence. Saleem was reserved by Chennai air terminal cops for dissidence over a voice message that he got on WhatsApp. The message was considered as “hostile to national” and a FIR was documented against Saleem on Saturday.

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“Saleem was holding up outside the air terminal to get his companion landing from the Gulf and was taken in care after his companion was discovered conveying abundance gold on entry,” a report in the Indian Express noted. In spite of the fact that, amid the examination and scrutinizing the air terminal specialists didn’t discover any wrongdoing with respect to Saleem, they chanced upon an irregular sound message that Saleem had gotten on his WhatsApp. After that they alluded the case to the airplane terminal police, which booked Saleem in the wake of guaranteeing that the message was against national.

After his discharge on the orders of the court Saleem has supposedly come back to his town close Chennai however the police says it would keep on investigating as the case might have been “alluded to by the traditions office.”

The WhatsApp message, recorded in Urdu, was purportedly an interest to all Muslims to gather at Jantar Mantar for some challenge. The affirmed against national sound message, be that as it may, did not determine whenever or date for the said challenge.

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This is not the first occasion when somebody has arrived in prison, but just for a day or two, over some WhatsApp message. Despite the fact that this is first time somebody in India has been held in light of the fact that there was message gotten on the telephone. On the off chance that you discover the ludicrousness of such choice by cops hard to learn recollect that you can’t prevent somebody from sending you a message on the WhatsApp once the sender has your number. You can just piece the sender subsequent to getting first message. This is the motivation behind why these days individuals have such a variety of spam messages in their cell phones.

Prior, however individuals have arrived stuck in an unfortunate situation for sharing messages on WhatsApp. Likewise, in April, the region officer and senior administrator of Varanasi in a joint request had said that any fake or wrong news shared on any online networking gathering could prompt a FIR recorded against the gathering administrators.

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