10 year old child discovered 12 million years old fossil. Melbourne Many children in the game play in such a way that a big scientist can not do. Such an incident has surfaced from America’s Lance Cruises.

10 year old child discovered 12 million years old fossil – India Virals | www.indiavirals.com

During the hiking in the Lance Cruises Desert, a 10-year-old child named Jude Sparks did a similar job in which the scientists took many years.

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Jude Sparks accidentally discovered about 1.2 million years old fossils. It is being said that weighing one tonne, this is the prehistoric ancestor of fossil elephants, Steigmasstaden. A researcher studying about fossils said that such a fossil is very rare.

Sparks’s family had contacted Professor Peter Houd of New Mexico State University in the US. Haud has said that a SteamGoostordone looks like one of our elephants. He has said that there are many types of elephants in our area, perhaps it is one of them. But they are very rare now.

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