If the child is eating more and become fat, then can be cause cancer ! According to the published research in journal cancer, the possibility of this cancer in overweight men is 53% and in women 54%. Let us tell you that most people do not know about the early symptoms of colon cancer, due to which the cancer progresses when it is fully increased and it is detected and then it is too late.

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If the child is eating more and become fat, then can be cause cancer ! – India Virals | www.indiavirals.com

It was also stated in the research that because of obesity, risk of rectal cancer increases by 71% among young boys, whereas this ratio is more in women.

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Johar Levy of Tel Aviv University explains that a large number of people were involved in this research and they were examined for 10 years and we reached the conclusion.

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In this research, the team of researchers included 1,087,358 Jewish men and 707,212 Jewish women, between the ages of 16 and 19, and BMI index of all these people was also examined.

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In the study for 10 years, 2967 colorectal cancer patients were found, in which 1977 patients were male. There were 990 women out of which 764 women were from colon cancer and 226 women were suffering from Rectum cancer.

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