Children also get inspiration from seeing adults struggle in some work. Parents know that their children keep a close eye on them. But a new study provides a particularly good example of learning and learning: Children, who had witnessed an adult conflict before they succeeded, got inspiration from it.

Children also get inspiration from seeing adults struggle in some work

According to a cognitive development psychiatrist and study co-author Julia Leonard in MIT, children are very capable educators. Scientists have found that these young people pay a lot of attention to abstract concepts and new words just after some exposure. But it was not clear that seeing adults working will actually change the way children deal with a problem.

To see if children can achieve the strength of an adult, Leonard and his colleagues tested 262 children from 13 to 18 months. Most of these children were 15 months old. Some children saw a user who was trying to get out of a toy trapped inside a container. In some cases, the user easily throws the toy three times within 30 seconds easily. During the rest of the time, the user was struggling for 30 seconds to take out toys. The user repeated the same process with a different problem of the keychain. Some children did not see any user’s performance.

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After seeing an adult struggling, the children were given a light cube. There was a big, useless button on one side. There was a hidden small button controlling the light in it. Children knew that this toy could burn light but they did not know how to start it.
Although this big button did nothing, it did not prevent children from using toys. But the exciting part of this experiment is that the children who saw adults struggling with this toy, had pressed the button of this toy more often than children who did not see it. These children continued the work even when they failed.

seeing adults struggle

Researchers reported in their report that seeing children struggling, the children continued to work hard. Leonard said that on the basis of just a laboratory based study it is difficult for parents to suggest anything but still children may have some advantages by showing the work being done by their parents to achieve their goals.

Children’s persistence is not known only by observing the work done by adults only. Some children can easily be more determined than others. In experiments, some such children who did not see a user working, or who saw a user succeed quickly, they were incredibly successful in their work. And some children who saw adults struggling, they already gave up. However, it is also a fact that the children who had given up early defeat were hungry and tired. Despite all these changes, this effect continued, in which children were working more firmly after seeing an adult struggling.

However researchers say that only one study can not describe the difficult life of the children. Yet one thing is clear that children observe adult behaviors carefully and that children learn the same as they do.

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Children also get inspiration from seeing adults struggle in some work

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