There are some strange-poorer competitions in different places of the world, but have you ever think that in any competition, you will participate in the crying. Yes, such a competition is famous in a city in China. Chilli Eating Contest In which the competitors participate for crying.

Chilli Eating Contest in China

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In fact, people participating in this competition eat red chillies. Because of which the tears of the opponent keeps coming out and not only this, but the tears keep going till victory.

According to the report, ‘Chilli Eating Contest’ was  on August 12 in Ningjiang, Hunan province of China. This contest is organized to attract tourists in Hunan province of China, famous for its spicy food.

Chilli Eating Contest

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During this competition, the contestants have to eat more chilli in 1 minute. Which accounts for the most chilli. That person will win the competition . According to the report,A person whose name is Suu won this competition. He took the title of this competition to his name by eating 15 chilli in 1 minute.

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