Operates in China sex revolution, boy girl get started, anywhere anyhow. Operates in China ‘sexual revolution’, the young couple get started, than how are also tremendous changes in attitudes towards sex in the past 20 years in China. The country’s first woman wet dreams harmful Lee Yinhi told the BBC, “I had found in the survey of 1989, 15.50 percent of people make before sex marriage. But I in the survey two years ago found that went up to the number of those 71 percent. ”

Operates in China sex revolution , boy girl get started, anywhere – India Virals | www.indiavirals.com

Lee Yinhi have used the word ‘revolution’ for it. She says that the first 1997 pre-marital sex was considered “hooliganism”. It legally could to punish. Similarly, pornography, prostitution and swingers parties “are also quite high.

Since 1950 write love in China could be possible, but was banned until 1980 to write something about sex. Lee’s book “The subculture Ohf Homoseksualiti” appeared in 1998. This book they can purchase the same, with a recommendation letter from their employer or senior officials. His next book was two steps ahead if “the subculture of Sedomesocism.

Operates in China sex revolution , boy girl get started, anywhere – India Virals | www.indiavirals.com

Lee said, “I was asked to burn all copies of the book. But had already sold 60,000 copies at the time. So it was not ready to publish translations of his book was not effective notice to burn books. “Any publisher Baiseksualiti China. He had to find a publisher Honng Conng.

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Brookings was speaking at the Institute said in a bathhouse in 1996. The owner went to the death sentence on charges of providing prostitution. Today sentenced maximum for this kind of crime it may be that the business is stopped. Similarly, the 1980 porn content publishing that could be executed. But now it went the slowdown. “Swingers Party is still illegal, held it up more space.

She says, “no one complained, so this side is not unnoticed.” Lee society in the 1980s in the United States of Pittsburgh were studying science. When they returned to China, found that there is still running the old atmosphere of the time of Mao. The communist regime days was considered bourgeois work write love.
But now things are changing. Communist Party of sexuality began to believe now private matter. “The co-author of Sex ‘book in China Hayjing Yu says,” they themselves are introduced, such as the author, which serves international standard of sexuality. So his colleagues, have given the reader and the government has also exempted. “Lee says,” because of the change in attitude of the Communist Party of sex is a child “policy. This policy was implemented from 1979 to 2015.

They had said, “the freedom to create those one or maximum two children from this policy. It turns your motive is sex after having a baby or if you become separated from sex. Now began to justify sex for fun. ”

Operates in China sex revolution , boy girl get started, anywhere – India Virals | www.indiavirals.com

China Shanghai Pride has everything from printed news March changed daily in 2011. Official media still had to write about the gay community. China’s online video play on the homosexual relationship between teenagers Platform ‘Aichii’ addiction ‘became very popular.

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