China War: China will have a war, then there will be loss of life. There is a debate between India and China running from last 2 months. Which took place in the two countries till the war situation. But it seems China is now aware of the danger after the war. That’s why China is now trying to avoid war. The Chinese government believes that if there is a war with India, the loss of China will be much higher.

China War

China War: China will have a war, then there will be loss of life

It is worth mentioning that there is a dispute between India and China for nearly three months in Dokalm. And the armies of the two countries have been standing face to face for a long time. Both the countries are stuck on their own demands regarding the dowry. At the same time Chinese media keeps warnings of war on the day.

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Due to the ever increasing tension, China has assessed the war. China found in this assessment that if this war took place then China would only have a loss of life. And there will be no benefit of any kind.

China War

At the same time, defense experts of India believe that the Indian army was fully prepared for the war with China. Defense Minister Arun Jaitley also said that India is now capable of waging a war with China. However, India has not considered the solution of this issue to the war. With this, India is also getting support from the powerful countries like America, Japan and Russia. All countries have advised China to resolve this issue with talks.

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