Chip in the Body of the Employees : US Skaver Market (32m), a US technology company, has given its workers the option of applying an RFID chip to their body, which can be used in many things. This chip is of a grain of rice, which can be transplanted between thumbs and indexes under the skin in a few seconds.

Such a chip in the body of the employees , which will contain all passwords

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With the help of this chip, the employees will be able to do the job of opening the door of the office, logging in the computer, using photo copy machines.

chip in the body of the employees

This chip is equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. The same technique is also used in credit card and mobile payment. 32 M CEO Todd Westby said in a blog post, “We can do many things by using RFID technology. In it, to shop in the breakroom market of the office, opening doors, using photo copy machines, logging in computer, opening the phone, business card exchange, collecting medical / health related information and paying on other RFID terminals. Such works include.

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He said, after some time this technology will be standardized, so that it will be able to use it in its passport, public transport, shopping .32M is partnering with Swedish-based company Biox International for this. The company expects more than 50 personnel to participate voluntarily in this program. Chip party will be organized on August 1 in the company’s headquarters, in which employees will be chipped.

For those employees who do not want to apply this chip to their body, the company has also given this option that they should put this RFID chip in things like a wrist band, clock or ring.

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