City of Kumbhkaran: In jokes we often say that sleeping is the easiest and funny thing in this world. If we get an opportunity, then we should leave everything and just sleep. But, what have you ever thought about the life in which you just have to sleep and just sleep?

City of Kumbhkaran

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According to the Daily Mail, most people sleep in a village named Kalachi in northern Kazakhstan. This is not a joke or a hobby of people, but it is happening. Doctors have given the name of this sleep epidemic. He is also wondering why this is happening with most people.

City of Kumbhkaran

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For the last four years, this disease has been taking the people of the village under their control. Children are most affected in this unknown disease. Many of these are also included. People from there say that people suffering from this disease are not conscious. 14 percent of the 600 people are victims of this disease and its number is increasing. People are scared of sleeping here before sleeping that they may never have been raised again.

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The sleeping person looks tired, does not speak anything, and the yadasta is also very weak. The researchers of Sleeping Sickness examined all these people. They saw that no one has any virus or bacterial infection. There is no such chemical in the water and soil of this place which is due to sleeping sickness. Doctors told that many such people come in different shocks and are victims of hallucinations.

Right now, nothing can be said, but it is said that Russia is a uranium mine only a few miles away from this village. The smoke emanating from this mine makes the air poisonous and flies into this village while flying. Only then do people reach such a condition by smothering toxic air. Radiation from this mine is 16 times more than this place.

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