Mumbai:Concerned about GST problem, SME Units. G.S.T. After a month of introduction, extremely important, small and medium enterprises (SME) segments are facing huge difficulties in generating jobs in the country, and most of them have to follow the Regulatory Nomers I have to fight for.

Concerned about GST problem, SME Units

The difficulties of compliance are related to many things. Like dealing with non-registered vendors and suppliers, adopting new reverse charging, mechanism, understanding new regulas in certain areas and lack of cleanness and ‘reluctance’ in the system etc.

Govind Mittal Enterprises, a unit of Rajasthan’s Kota, said, “Governmentalities are not clear in many areas. Small traders, vendors and suppliers are so upset because they do not know that RACM How to deal with This is an additional transaction for small service providers. They think that if this amount is returned back later, then they will get GSTN Why do you have a headache to become part of? Many small traders do not like to work under surveillance.

The network’s chairman, Naveen Kumar, also said in a recent interview that the GST before the August 20 deadline to file a large number of sulfatist returns. The rules are not in the condition to follow. According to experts, about 4.5 million SMEs in India One-third of whom are G.T. No registration has been done for so far. P.W.C. Partner Jain said that a large number of SMEs It seemed that this would not be applicable, so he did not prepare for it earlier,

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