A Couple broke marriage because of PM Modi :

couple broke marriage

The wedding was fixed. Just some preparations were left. The groom and the bride fixed a meeting in a temple, to prepare the preparations. Both of them, who are bound to get married in a very good way, did not know about the economy of the country. The bride bruised the head of the PM Modi in the deteriorating economy of the country. The criticism of PM Modi did not tolerate the groom, he got upset and nobody else had imagined what happened.

A Couple broke marriage because of PM Modi :

According to media reports, in Uttar Pradesh, a businessman from the profession was married to a girl who was employed by a government servant. The name and place of this couple have not been exposed. We just got the news that the groom was the big supporter of PM Modi and when he heard bad world for PM Modi from his bride he got angry. It was said that both of them lost their temper. Both jumped into the whirl of anger and broke the marriage at the last moment.

Before this the news of breaking the marriages in the last minute has come and go, but it is probably the first case of its kind, where marriage broke in the name of PM Modi.

PM Modi may not even know that because of him two pairs of swan got separated. As this is a tragic but a very laughable event.

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