Crazy Girl in Snake love, Witch Wedding. Crazy Girl in Love with Snake, Witch Wedding. Bhubaneswar It is said that love is blind. Neither age is seen in love nor religion nor caste When someone is in love, he does not see anything in this world for his love.

Crazy Girl in Love with Snake, Witch Wedding, Also Known As Snake Love

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One such case has come out from Odisha. 30-year-old Bimbaala Das, who was here, fell in love. You might be surprised to think that Bimba Das is not loved by a human but with a snake. In the love of Bimbaala snake so much so that it took seven rounds with him.

It is a bit difficult to believe but this is true. The snake lived in a bill near Bimbaala’s house and Bimbaala fell in love with this snake so much that they married him. The most interesting and surprising thing is that the entire village was involved in this marriage of snake and man. In this case instead of preventing the girl from doing so, the villagers also joined her.

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Snake and girl were married to Hindu Riti customs at Atala village, 14 km from the Khurd districts of Odisha. After marrying the snake with the whole law, the girl treated her as her husband.

Snakes could not be included in this marriage, so the copper snakes were rounded together. Bimballa has to say about this marriage that she has fallen in love with a snake living in a bills made near the house. She used to feed her daily and snakes came out of the bill and drank milk and went inside Bimballa to say that the snake likes it, so she never tried to dash her.

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